We love travelling and sharing our experiences



We have a lot of hobbies : Sports (crossfit, musculation), Cooking (Normal, Vegetarian, Vegetalian), Reading, Travelling...

Cooking 80%
Photography 60%
Sports 90%


Photography allows us to share with you different places ! More pictures are available in the Photography section.

The Team

Hi, Curious about new knowledge, new experiences and other cultures, we never miss an occasion to discover and travel. As we really like to share, we made this blog to discuss and share our experiences !
Tihomir Kenarov


Native Bulgarian, I studied in France and now, working in the Netherlands as a Mechanical Engineer.

Alexia Gross
Web developer & Writer


Native French, I study in France and I am currently an intern in the Netherlands.

Thomas Keller

"A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe."

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