One semester in Russia

During the 5th year of my studies, I went 5 months to study abroad, in Russia. I was welcomed in "Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University", also known as LETI.

The beginning

This year, 2021, the university developped a program called "Buddy program".
This program aim at helping exchange students with their life in Saint Petersburg (documentation, dormitories, classes...). Thus, at the airport, I had the chance to meet two russian persons from the university, who became my friends. They helped me with everything : sim card, groceries shopping... They shown me a lot of the city, new places, new restaurants...

The University

I studied in the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, in master 2.
The university have some libraries to study, some places to buy snacks and a canteen.
Due to the pandemic, all my classes were online so I didn't get the chance to know the university better.

The Dormitories

LETI has different dormitories. The foreigners are living the dormitories number 7 or 8.
As for me, I was in the 7th, near a big shopping mall and near the metro station.

The dormitories are mixed but not in the room. I shared my room with another girl.
Every floor has 4 blocks. A kitchen is shared by 2 blocks and every block has its own bathroom and toilets.
Here are some pictures of my room and the dormitory :

One week with me !

At the end of master 2, in Russia, the students must defend their thesis regarding their research. Thus, during the year, they have a lot of personal time to study.
As for my studies, I don't have to defend a thesis on a research paper but I need to do an internship and then, defend my internship.
This was my timetable :

# Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday
8.00 - 9.30
9.50 - 11.20 Information Technologies in Academic Research and Project Activities Data and Visual Analytic Algorithmic mathematics Russian as a foreign language
11.40 - 13.10 Algorithmic mathematics
13.40 - 15.10 Machine Learning on Big data
15.30 - 17.00 Basics of System Theory Intelligent systems
17.30 - 19.00 Biometric Technologies
about authors

I am Alexia, and this is Tihomir, two persons eager to share with you our experiences !

- Alexia